Bounce Rules and Policies


Please read and observe the following rules for everyone to enjoy a safe environment at That Bounce Place. (owned and operated by Bounce Kings LLC)

  • Waivers must be signed prior to bouncing.
  • No outside food, beverages, or gum.
  • No smoking inside or directly outside entries/exits to our facilities.
  • No sharp objects or jewelry in bounce areas.
  • No profanity, disturbing the peace, or causing disruption to business or the public, for the safety of all.
  • Please remove shoes, glasses, and all objects from pockets before bouncing.  No clothing with sharp embellishments.
  • Socks MUST be worn while bouncing, no exceptions! (available for purchase)
  • No flipping, acrobatics, or gymnastics.
  • Feet first on all slides.
  • No wrestling on or in bouncers.
  • No big kids in designated toddler areas.
  • Follow attendent's instructions at all times.
  • All bouncing guests must be under 200 lbs.  Adult bouncing is restricted during peak hours.  Please call your location for more details.
  • Please report any and ALL injuries IMMEDIATELY to a "That Bounce Place" staff member.

This policy will be updated as necessary.  We ask that you observe any and all changes or additions to this policy.  Thank you.

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